Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Everyday #2: It Rained Last Night

It rained last night and there was a full moon out.
This is my attempt at capturing it on my Nikon Coolpix!

As I was looking out the window, the street lamp caught my eye. Particularly loved the negative and positive spaces formed by the night and the light form the lamp.
Annoyingly, I wasn't able to get a single focused shot, but I kind of like this one among the blurry ones!


steve said...

Yeah, I agree--I always enjoy these kinds of shots--the out of focus ones with interesting light and shapes. Great pics!

sketched out said...

Yeah, night shots are tough, need a tripod. But some pretty cool stuff came out of it. Nice abstract. Plus, I always tell myself that I'm capturing a moment, that's the important thing.

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