Friday, May 16, 2008

Illustration Friday: Wide & Electricity, Healing Sketch #11 & MOO Laptop Sticker Competition

(Click on image for a closer look)

Text reads:

"Pretty Miss Kitty conserves electricity
by hanging her wash out to dry."

Well, this illustration certainly misses the mark by a wide margin as far as the new topic is concerned. In fact, I think it would be correct to say that this illustration is wide of the new topic!

But wait a minute, conserving electricity has to have a wide range of benefits right? Right?

And hey! Miss Kitty is wide-eyed!


The perfect illustration for 'wide', no?!!


I posted this for 'Electricity' and then realized the topic had already changed to 'Wide'.

Humour me, will ya?


In other news, looks like two of my stickers won in the MOO Laptop Sticker Competition!! I thought only one had. And oh, 'Billy' did'nt win apparently, 'Sean' and 'Valerie' did!

The stickerbook with the winning entries is now available for purchase here.

This is so cool!!!




Vicki Smith said...

very sweet illustration!

sheree said...

cute! congrats on the sticker wins!

Josh (musarter) said...

Nice style on the top illo. I like the contrast of flat shapes versus texture.

Bobo Cat said...

Lovely illo! I like how the little birds trying to help, and the beautiful pattern of the cloth, or 'sari'?

steve said...

Beautiful work and congrats on the Moo competition!

carla said...

This is so sweet! I love the little bird-helpers. Congratulations on the Moo competition:>

Juan said...


Eric Barclay said...

Beautiful work, Radha! Your color choices and composition are always spot-on.

sketched out said...

Oh, alright, I'll humor you just this once, hee hee.

Great illustration. I love the character, the textures and patterns, the colors, the composition. It rocks! I like your rhymes too. They're precious!

Congrats again on the Moo win!

Pickledog said...

I love the details like the bird helpers and the the different patterns. Great colours , and textures too.

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