Thursday, May 8, 2008

Healing Sketch #8: Reynold Reeds Likes Spitting Seeds

Text reads:
"I'm Reynold Reeds. I'm good at spitting seeds."

Aren't you glad I don't write for a living?!


This was based on a doodle (see below) I did while brainstorming for 'Seed'.

I figured I'd colour it in the same style as I did 'Seed' for today's Healing Sketch.

I've tinkered with it for so long, I've lost all sense of judgment as far as its concerned (Does it look washed out? Is there too much happening in the picture etc. etc.) and can't tell if I'm totally happy with it or not anymore.

Also, check out this picture of Leo!


Gaia said...

Looks like he has a real talent!! :)
I like it, it's very funny and I don't think there's too much happening there. The birdies are a great addition! :)
Congrats on winning Moo's competition. I love all the characters, but I must say I'm a little partial to Fiona!!! Too cute

Zari said...

wonderful composition...nice angle and i just love how the cute little birds are avoiding the seeds. love the colors too!

van dyke said...

Cute Illustration! Love the dotted line movement! Great style!

sketched out said...

I like it! I think there's just the right amount happening, it has a great kinetic feel. Good stuff! Love the name, hee hee, and hey, it rhymes with seeds.

Pickledog said...

Cute. The little birds are so much fun.

Kevin Levell said...

really nice illustration, loads of impact - great style too!

Laura Zarrin said...

This is so fun!

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