Saturday, September 27, 2008

Island Dream (Illustration Friday: Island)

Copyright 2008 Radha Ramachandran
Oil on archival canvas cotton duck.

Paint and me are just getting to know each other better. We used to be fairly well acquainted, but have lost touch over the last couple of years. Here's hoping we become friends.
Inspired by the Illustration Friday topic 'Island'.

Like something about the original sketch that seems to be missing in the final painting. Maybe I ought to do a digital vector version from the sketch?



Anonymous said...

The painting is really great, I love the color and the way the waves play off the hat. But I know what you mean. I almost always like my sketch better, which is why I mostly do what you suggested and use the sketch in a digit format. There is something a bit more spontaneous about your sketch, I agree, but they are both very lovely and successful.

Rick said...

Funny - I love it. (Marketable too)

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