Saturday, September 27, 2008

Illustration Friday: Clique

Inspired by the sketch below (bottom right on the page), for the Illustration Friday topic 'Clique'.

Back when I was doing my graduation in management studies, one subject I absolutely could not stand was finance (I hated it, and it hated me right back). This was the notepad I kept specifically to doodle in during those lectures.
It contains some of my best doodles to date.


Again, I like the body language and expressions of the women in the original sketch better. Can't you just imagine them at some party, haughtily looking down their nose at the people outside their clique? Maybe even making catty remarks and gossiping about the lesser mortals?




bonaska said...

You've used magic to transformate that sketch in so beautiful picture! Say the true!


Rick said...

I use to doodle all through college as well. Whenever someone miss class and need someone's notes to borrow, they always wanted to borrow mine because they knew it would be filled with my scribbles - some of my best work.

I've enjoyed looking at your blog this evening. You are very talented.

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