Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ratlion's MOO


I did'nt blog about it at the time, but I was the Illustration Friday/MOO Haiku winner in a draw held back in March.

It's been fun to see the updates of the other winners on the blog, and with the last of my free pack of MiniCards, Stickers & Postcards arriving yesterday, I figured I'd share too!

Love how my cards and stickers turned out. Thank you so much MOO and Illustration Friday!!

I think the illustrations on the three different rows of postcards pretty much define my 3 main styles at this point, which is to say I both enjoy and am comfortable working in all three. Now if I could only figure out where exactly I'm going with it all.


Also, 2 of the 'face' stickers are the same one's that won in the Laptop Sticker Competition awhile back. I think I really like how they turned out.

There hasn't been an illo on this blog for awhile and I really haven't any idea why. Just been thinking a lot lately (where am I? What am I doing? etc. etc.) and the more I think, the less answers I have. Which can be frustrating. Hopefully I'll draw something soon!

Thank you so much to everyone who's been coming around and commenting on my posts (you know who you are). Your comments brighten my day. Really.


PS: My apologies for the crappy photograph! It was taken on the coffee table in the late afternoon light on a cloudy day and looks a bit weird to me, but I decided to go with it anyway!


sketched out said...

A belated congrats on being the IF/Moo Haiku winner! And your cards look fabulous! It's amazing how you have three pretty diverse styles and they are all awesome! You rock girl!

Danielle McDonald said...

Wow - everything looks fantastic. How exciting! Congratulations.

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