Friday, April 11, 2008

Illustration Friday: Save

Maybe she just ought to save to splurge?

*UPDATE: Fixed some stuff I wasn't happy with, added a lid to the savings jar, and oh yes, gave her some earrings. Adding those earrings just made my day. So pretty!!


Kristi Valiant said...

Cute boots. I like that you added receipts as background texture.
I prefer to save and then splurge when there's a sale!

sketched out said...

I love that the girl is the confident one in this scenario. She's keeping her cool under pressure. I wish there had been more girl heros when I was growing up.

Your characters are wonderfully expressive and, of course, beautifully illustrated. Love the one for "Leap" as well. The lighting is brilliant.

sketched out said...

How embarrassing, I got my comments mixed up. How often does that happen. This was meant for kristi, hee hee... blush. Trying to visit too many of my favs at the same time...(blush.)

Anywho...I wanted to tell you, Radha, that this is adorable! I really like your realistic style, but your whimsical style is my fav. You say so much with such economy of line and your colors are magnificent. What a cute idea for "Save." I would probably splurge, but she seems smarter than that.

Again, sorry for being such a dork.

Kay Aker said...

What a quandry! So fun and quirky!

Chris Chuckry said...

Nice illustration Radha! I really like the cartoony style you used here.


Gigi Moore said...

This is so cute! Love the concept. I feel the same way. Sometimes I have to stop and ask myself should I buy this now. Or, should I wait and save for something I will really need down the road.

great job :O)


ms. froggie said...

i'll just bet they did as they are the finishing touch! super piece, radha! :))

splurge, splurge!!...i mean, they are SOO CUTE!!!

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