Monday, April 28, 2008

Healing Sketch #1 & #2: There's A Bird On My Head

Ball point pen on paper for The Healing Sketch.

I've been wanting to start doing a sketch per day for ages now, particularly after I came across the Healing Sketch project. Have finally started. I'm going to number these posts, hopefully that will inspire me to keep at it. The purpose of this exercise to me is to just get something down on paper everyday and start getting into the habit of sketching more often so as to make up for all the time I spend illustrating digitally.

This one, I call 'There's a Bird On My Head'.
Might add colour to it tomorrow.

Flickr group here.

Well, I added colour. Just playing, really.
Text reads "There's a bird on my head, who calls himself 'Fred'."
Couldn't resist.

(Click on image for a closer look)


Nicky Linzey said...

Great illustration & I love the humour in it too. I've often thought about doing an illustration a day, you're very brave!

stellarjae said...

You have a great blog here... I love looking at all of your hard work. Particularly love the red head girl illustrations... sweet character :D Namaste... Ap kaise hai? :)

sheree said...

really lovely sketch!

johanna said...

ooh that's nice! i like drawing girls with birds too

sketched out said...

Love the rhyme!!! So cute! And the sketch and digi are both really great. A great idea to sketch every day. I do whether I post it or not. You really start to see yourself improve you skills, your speed and it seems ideas come more easily... most days anyway.

Good job, and great drawings, as always!

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