Friday, April 9, 2010

Recent Work

Below is a sampling of some recent work done for the
Feb, March and April issues of Lonely Planet Magazine India.

( Images © 2010 Lonely Planet Magazine India)


Shobana said...

this is cool.. must be diff to illustrate places where u hvnt even been to!

Momo said...

Love what you have done for all these maps. Beautiful work!

derinç said...

Although I see what you want to refer, it is not convenient to use the letters look like from Arabic alphabet for Turquoise Coast, because Turkish use Latin letters. And just to inform you, there is a typo on your work. It is not "Anatalya", it is "Antalya".

Ratlion said...

Hey derinç, thank you for your feedback! Will keep that in mind with regard to the Turkish alphabet. As for the typo, you're right! Oops. That one was actually one of the first maps I worked on. I usually double-check the text (especially when it comes to places I'm a total stranger to), but this one seems to have somehow escaped me. Will be doubly vigilant hereon! In the meanwhile, have corrected the spelling in the above version.


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