Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Illustration Friday: Strings

© 2008 Radha Ramachandran
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'Gita (pronounced 'Geetha') plays the guitar'

"A guitar typically has six strings, but four, seven, eight, ten and twelve string guitars also exist."

(Source: Wikipedia)

I've kinda made a conscious decision to try and work more in this style, and see if its something I can use exclusively for children's books etc. This doesn't mean I'll stop working in the other styles though. The style in which I do editorial illustration, for eg., will remain the same and of course work in the other styles may pop up as and when the mood strikes.


What do you think? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


yoon see said...

So funny...twelve strings guita..
Yeah I do agree with you:)
I love your style and very cute illustration!
I should teach guitar and see how my students react!!!

Amy C said...

this is sweet I like the sketchy pencil behind her too

Heather said...

Nice drawing. I notice from your other work that the line work behind her is part of your style, but at first I thought it was a pile of broken guitar strings: a testiment of how dedicated she is to getting it right.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am a fan of all your styles, but I think you're right, this is a great one to stick to for children's illustration. I'm no expert, but I keep hearing that it's best to stick to one style, so running with this one for a portfolio sounds like a great idea.

Anyway, that said, I really do like this entry for strings. Your characters are always very charming, great colors and gesture, and then the background has a cool, collagey feel. A great feast for the eyes.

Marco said...

Very kind this guitar girl! I'm sure that her songs are beautiful like this illustration!


Rejil Krishnan said...

So sweet a girl she is...
and yes a query.. y those pencil strokes behind her... adds sme meaning though, as i felt, is it cos she wud be juxtaposed against a blank wall, without any depth to her location???
geetha has nice hair in any case.. :)

Mukul said...

I just came across your work and could not stop myself from checking your website.. Gr8 work!! keep doing it..

Danielle McDonald said...

Gorgeous stuff - as always! I like this new style. It's very contemporary. I want her hair!!

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