Thursday, December 13, 2007

Inspire Me Thursday : Ice & Illustration Friday : Little Things

This is my submission for Inspire Me Thursday this week and is the first thing I thought of when I thought of 'Ice'. However, it turned out completely different from the vision in my head. At some point of time I even deviated from the original intended style.

This also doubles up as my submission for Illustration Friday's 'Little Things'. Cos' certain little things in this illustration make me happy. Like her scarf (I certainly seem to have developed a scarf fetish). And the trees. And the colour red.

Of course, there are little things I'm not happy with too. Like her features. Maybe her pose? (I've never been ice-skating before. I've never even seen snow. It does'nt snow out here in the south of India and inspite of all the travelling I've done, I've never been anywhere where it's snowed.) And now that I think of it, the colour of her pants.

Will probably (hopefully) give this illustration another shot in my usual style. In the meantime, do let me know what you think!



seashells said...

love your pic, it shows good understanding of well depicted pastime in my country (Canada). Although the knees could use a little more movement, the pose is graceful and I love the use of red to attract attention to the flowing hair and scarf. And the outfit is appropriate for a sunny day in winter.

Lianne said...

This is very beautiful. The mood is so peaceful, and the ice skater looks elegant. I really like this style, and the way you drew the sun. :) You did a good job interpreting a winter scene considering your location. Brava!

And thanks for commenting on my illo. You've got a nice blog here. :)

Valaine said...

This is great! I really love the colors and the mood!! :)

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