Thursday, December 13, 2007

Feed My Blog!

The new monster in my sidebar is courtesy Illustrator Nacho Gómez (has really nice illustrations on his blog).

I found the link to Nacho's blog at Sheree Boyd's blog, which is also home to some really wonderful illustrations(go check them out now!).

Click on the image to go over to Nacho's blog and get a monster of your own.

And oh, do feed my blog! :D


sheree boyd said...

Hi Radha! thanks for the link to my site --- that is really kind :)

Isn't Nacho's monster so cute! I'm glad you put it on your bar as well!

Nemo said...

Hi, Radha! Thanks a lot, I´m absolutely delighted.
I hope the little monster works!
Beautiful blog, I like specially your monster and the illustration for the topic "Open", really nice!

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