Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Illustration Friday: Poof

A few months ago, I illustrated a series of girls to gift to friends. Four illustrations, to be precise, of four different girls in similar poses. I didn't expect to be able to put anything up this week, but when this idea popped into my head while looking over those illos, I couldn't resist.

This actually started out as a .swf file, but when I tried following tutorials online to embed it in this post, nothing seemed to work. So in the end, I had to download a free trial version of an .swf converter and convert the file into a .avi so it could be directly uploaded via Blogger's video option.

Phew. I really hope this works.

Below is a frame by frame version of the above video.

Yeah, I'm sure having those birds go 'poof' and disappear was a relief. I can just imagine her arms aching in that pose.


And finally, I give you the other 3 girls in the set.


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