Thursday, October 25, 2007

Illustration Friday : Grow

Leo, my two year old Labrador.

One of his favorite things to do when he's really bored or wanting attention is to grab the nearest shoe and either wait for someone to chase him around the furniture to retrieve it or failing that, sit down to an hour or so of leisurely gnawing.

Some people say he'll grow out of his mischievous streak as he grows older. When I'm most frustrated with him, I hope he does. Most of the time though, I really hope he doesn't. Cos' it's one of the things that goes toward making him the lovable imp that he is.



Stacia said...

beautiful in it's simplicity...nice sketch quality and color palette.

my black lab grew out of her destructive chewing habits with lots of guidance by 2+ years old...good luck! those look like a nice pair of shoes!

Kstyles said...

Oh how cute!

° said...

nice warm colors and wonderful illo

sheree boyd said...

this is really beautiful

i really like your monster on the Monster Mash 2007!

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